Mats Beckman is a lifestyle brand, passionate about defying convention and showcasing mens- and womenswear for fashion-conscious people with an impeccable and fashion-forward taste. With a twist of the intense cityscape, the experimental world of multi-dimensions and the futuristic innovation of modern technology, Mats Beckman seeks to push the limits of the traditional view of fashion, by experimenting with the visual aspects in form of contrasts, shapes, silhouettes, colors, depths and materials.

By combining edgeness and creativity in the aesthetic exploratory process, we aim towards people who want to exude power, attitude and ingenuity. We therefore seek to constantly challenge the ‘normal’, by moving the boundary’s between the traditional and the experimental, creating new solutions in the design process and in the garments.

At the same time we’re experimenting with new sustainable materials by examining the ability to fuse with existing materials and thereby creating new unique pieces. By discovering different design possibilities in materials and technology, people can wear clothes that empower them to be masters in their own fields, and thus reach the individual emotional and visual desire.